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uLikeKorea successfully develops pig farming ICT solution

| It makes inroad to identify key diseases such as the African Swine Flu (ASF)

uLikeKorea, a livestock health management company, successfully developed a pig health management ICT solution and obtained the patent rights. The technology enables the users to manage pig related diseases, estrus and birthing and take early action in preventing major diseases and deaths.

Heejin Kim (CEO, uLikeKorea) stated “after 3 years of R&D, we were able to successfully develop a pig health management ICT device. We plan to launch our Livecare pig service later this year and focus on not only the domestic, but major markets such as Europe and Latin America.

uLikeKorea has also developed other livestock health management devices for animals that are critical to our food chain such as cattle, calf, sheep, chicken and horses.

※ For more details on the announcement, please follow the link below

IT TIMES (2021.04.26 - uLikeKorea successfully develops pig farming ICT solution)

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