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Oink Oink​

Unbreakable Care

Experience a new way of caring pigs.
Skin patch that is unbreakable and unseparable only a size of your figure!

What you see is not everything​

CCTV does not provide a full security, nor profitability analysis gives a full insight. It is of the utmost importance to monitoring bio data of your livestock. Get an overview of livestock health status that has not been possible under visual observations.


Mud bath is enjoyable​

This skin patch is attached to pig's body firmly against its rough fur.
Do not worry when pigs mingle in mud! It does not detach with exposure to water or sweat, and it allows for a stable temperature readings.
LiveCare Pig Edition looks after pigs in any situations.

Livestock Diseases Management

Comprehensive disease management in a pig tractability system using bio data, now farmers can select superior entities from a continuous monitoring of pig herd.  

​Top notch Artificial Intelligence(AI) 
Livestock Healthcare Service

LiveCare offers livestock healthcare service over a wide range of farm animals.

Our unique and exclusive AI system monitors livestock's bio data in real time
as if a farm caretaker were present for 24/7. Better Care, LiveCare  


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